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Rental Form Cover Letter Notice

To All Unit Owners:

The current boating season has come to a close, and before you know it, the next boating season will be here. We have been getting a large volume of calls from interested slip renters for this season.

The Association will again be administering a slip rental pool for interested slip owners who want to rent out their slip for this season. The rental pool will be coordinated by the Marina Manager.

If you wish to place your slip in the rental pool, please complete and return the attached Agreement to us. Slips will be rented only if we receive rental pool agreements. Please return the form to the Marina Manager @ 203-876-1488 (fax) or mail to the marina address at 275 Popes Island Rd., Milford, CT 06461 or email to us at

Please do not hesitate – There will be a great deal of interest in our marina for the coming season and we are starting now with assignments. We have a large # of renters returning from last year and have several interested newcomers. If you are not using your boat slip this season and are interested in renting out your slip, please let us know as soon as possible.

If you already have a tenant for your slip (or are planning to use it for your own vessel) please also let us know your plans.

The Marina Manager must be provided a copy of the vessel registration and certificate of insurance for all vessels in the marina.

Important, if you are going to rent the slip out on your own, you must contact us for a copy of our Slip Rental Agreement and Rules and Regulations. Please have your tenant complete the Slip Rental Agreement and return it to us. Your tenant must be provided with a copy of the rules and you, as the owner of the slip, will be responsible for assuring that your tenant adheres to the rules at all times!

Do not issue security key FOBs to your tenants – direct them to see the Marina Manager to issue key FOB’s. Key FOB’s will not be issued to renters of slips whose owner is delinquent in common charge payments!

If you have any questions regarding this program, please contact us at 203-876-9880 or contact the Marina Manager directly at 203-496-2667.

Online Form: Complete, Submit Online

    Slip No:

    Name of Unit Owner:


    Street Address:


    Telephone #:

    I herein request that my boat slip at Caswell Cove Marina be placed in the Rental Pool for the 2012 boating season.

    I understand and agree to the following terms:

    1. The rental pool shall be administered by the Marina Manager on behalf of the Unit Owners.

    2. Unit Owner's are not obligated to rent their slip via the rental pool and may rent their slip out on their own. Unit owners shall be responsible for their tenants.

    3. All reasonable efforts will be made by the Marina Manager to fill rental vacancies; however there is no guarantee that the demand for rentals will equal the availability of slips.

    4. The Marina Manager will only rent slips on behalf of those owners who agree to join the rental pool and return this form in a timely manner.

    5. Unit owners in good standing (common charge accounts are current) shall be given priority for slip rentals. In the event a unit owner has a past due account balance with the marina, the rental fees collected will 1st be applied against the delinquent amount, and at the discretion of the Association, may be applied to future common charge payments.

    6. The Marina Manager will only recommend slips based on size. The Marina Manager will not recommend any one slip over another.

    7. The recommended rental fee for boat slips for the 2012 season shall be as follows: 30' slip - $2,250.00 40' slip - $3,000.00 50' slip - $3,750.00

    8. 3% of the rental fee collected will be deducted by Caswell Cove Marina to help offset advertising costs. The balance will be provided to the unit owner.

    9. Rental fees will be discounted for any slip that is not rented before June 15. Rates will be discounted at the rate of 1/6 the seasonal rate for each month the slip is not occupied after June 15.

    10. Key FOB's for access gates and doors to the clubhouse will be issued to the renter by the Marina Manager.

    11. By unit owner's signature below, unit owner herein agrees to the aforementioned terms and conditions and grants permission to Caswell Cove Marina Association, Inc., its Board of Directors, and its Marina Manager the right to enforce the Rules and Regulations of Caswell Cove Marina and to terminate the Rental Agreement and remove any slip renter who violates the Rules and Regulations.

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