Summer Rental Agreement Form

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    1. Renter Information:

    2. Vessel Information:

    A copy of a current certificate of insurance for all vessels must be submitted to Caswell Cove Marina Association, Inc. Key FOBs will not be issued to renters until a certificate of insurance is provided. Caswell Cove Marina must be named as additionally insured on all certificates

    3. Agreement:

    The above referenced individual (tenant) agrees to rent the above referenced boat slip at Caswell Cove Marina for the period of:

    Boat Slip shall be occupied only by Tenant's vessel listed above. All Rental fees and deposits are Non-refundable. Tenant herein agrees to promptly vacate the slip prior to the expiration of this rental agreement. Tenant herein acknowledges that he/she has received and reviewed a copy of the Rules and Regulations of Caswell Cove Marina and that he/she shall abide by all the Rules and Regulations at all times. Caswell Cove Marina Association herein reserves the right to enforce the Rules and Regulations of Caswell Cove Marina. Tenant herein acknowledge that violations of the Rules and Regulations of Caswell Cove Marina will result in termination of this Agreement. If so requested by Caswell Cove Marina due to a violation of the Rules and Regulations, Tenant shall promptly vacate the boat slip. There shall be no refund of the rental fee. Tenant agrees that if said vessel is not removed within 7 calendar days of receipt of written notice, he/she shall allow Caswell Cove to act on tenant's behalf and vessel shall be removed and Caswell Cove shall invoice tenant for costs of removal and all related costs.


    All vessel owners and their guests are required to adhere to the Rules and Regulations of Caswell Cove Marina at all times. Violations of the rules and regulations, disorders, depredations or indecorous conduct by a vessel owner, his crew or guests, that might injure a person, or cause damage to marina property or other vessels, shall be cause for immediate removal from the marina of the vessel and its owner. When so notified by the Marina Manager, vessel and vessel owner must immediately vacate the marina premises. All individuals using the marina shall follow the Marina Manager's instructions. The Marina Manager may be contacted at 203-876-9880 or at 203-496-2667.

    1. Seasonal Dates: The marina is open from April 15 to October 31 of each year. All vessels are requested to vacate their slips and dinghy storage areas by October 31. Unit owners and/or renters who wish to leave their vessels in the water over the winter months are requested to notify the Marina Manager prior to the end of the boating season.

    2. Vessel Requirements: Commercial vessels or vessels for hire are not permitted in the Marina. All vessels using the marina must register with the Marina Manager. All vessels must be maintained in seaworthy condition at all times. The Marina Manager may, with reasonable notice, inspect any vessel and make a determination of seaworthiness. Vessels that are deemed to be un-seaworthy will be requested to be removed from the marina. As defined under this regulation, the term "Seaworthiness" shall be defined as follows:

      • Vessels must be able to navigate and leave and enter the marina under their own power within 24 hours notice.

      • If so equipped, all mechanical propulsion systems must be in good operating order.

      • All fuel tanks, fuel lines and related equipment must be in good condition, free of corrosion and leaks to minimize potential fire hazards and so that oil or fuel is not discharged overboard to the waters of Caswell Cove.

      • Engines, transmissions and other mechanical equipment must be reasonably free of oil and fuel leaks and so that oil or fuel is not discharged overboard to the waters of Caswell Cove.

      • All electric systems must be in good and properly maintained condition, all interior wiring and electric systems must meet all applicable standards for the type and size of vessel.

      • All thru hulls, seacocks, stuffing boxes, etc. must be in good operable condition.

      • All bilge pumps must be in operating condition.

      • Any vessel that is sunk or that is taking on significant quantities of water shall be considered unseaworthy. As defined under this regulation, the term "Good Appearance" shall be defined as follows:

      • Exterior of vessels shall be maintained in reasonably clean, neat, and maintained appearance.

      • No trash, engine parts, debris, etc., may be stored on any exterior decks or visible to other persons.

      • Tarps, covers, etc. must be maintained in good condition.

    3. Required Documents: All vessels are required by State law to display a current State of Connecticut registration sticker. All vessel owners are required to submit a copy of a current certificate of insurance and copy of registration to the marina. All certificates of insurance must provide Caswell Cove Marina 60 days prior notice of intent to cancel the policy.

    4. Contractor's Insurance: All contractors, subcontractors and other persons performing services on vessels within the Marina must be accompanied by the vessel owner at all times. All contractors are required to submit a copy of their certificate of insurance to Caswell Cove Marina and Caswell Cove Marina shall be named as additionally insured.

    5. Accident Reporting: All accidents/incidents occurring on Marina premises, regardless of whether or not they result in injury or property damage, must be reported to the Marina. Any spills of oil or fuel into the waters of the Marina must immediately be reported to the State of Connecticut DEP. Forms for reporting accidents are available from the Marina Manager. Emergency contact numbers are posted on the exterior of the clubhouse.

    6. Life Jackets: Children under the age of 10 are requested to wear life preservers at all times when on the docks.

    7. Pets: Pets must be on a leash at all times when on Marina property. Pets are to be accompanied by their owners at all times. Owners must clean up after their pets. Pets are not allowed in the Marina Clubhouse.

    8. Running and Playing: No running, riding of wheeled toys or horseplay on the docks, finger piers, and ramps or in or around the Marina Clubhouse.

    9. Noise: Excessive noise, shouting, loud or foul language, disrespectful behavior, and loud music are to be kept to a minimum at all times.

    10. Parking: Parking for marina users is restricted to the marina parking lot located along the north side of the marina. Parking on grounds of Caswell Cove Condominiums is prohibited at all times. Use of the marina parking lot is restricted to marina unit owners, slip renters, and boating guests. Violators will be towed at owner's expense.

    11. Access Keys: Access to the marina and clubhouse is via electronic key "FOB" and is designed to limit access to the marina to authorized users only. All key FOBs are issued by the marina manager.

    12. Swimming: Swimming, diving or bathing in Caswell Cove is not permitted from any of the docks or finger piers. Beware of the danger of electrocution from dock power systems.

    13. Damage to Marina Property: Unit owners and slip renters will be held responsible for the costs of repairs for any damage to any portion of their unit or any other marina property caused by them, their vessel, their tenants, visitors, guests or as a result of any unauthorized attachments, modifications or improvements made by them to any portion of marina property.

    14. Damage to Other Vessels: All vessel owners are responsible for damage done by them or their vessel to other vessels in the marina.

    15. Responsibility for Damage: Caswell Cove Marina and its Marina Manager shall not be responsible for fire, theft, vandalism, wind, snow, ice or water damage.

    16. Speed: Vessel operators are requested to maintain safe vessel speed in Caswell Cove at all times. This applies to all boats, PWCs, dinghies, etc. Vessel speed is limited to 6 MPH and no-wake speeds within the cove and the entrance channel.

    17. Docking: Boat slips are restricted to the mooring of one (1) primary vessel and its tender within the confines of the slip. A vessel and/or its tender may not be tied in the slip so that any portion extends beyond the end of the slip more than 5% of the boat length (ie 1.5 feet for a 30' slip) or into an adjacent slip. Vessel owners are solely responsible for properly securing their vessels in a slip. Damage to docks, finger piers, power pedestals, bubbler hoses or other marina equipment or to adjacent vessels caused by an improperly secured vessel is the responsibility of the vessel owner. Oil, fuel or chemical spills and the resultant damage caused to the environment or to marina property shall be the responsibility of the vessel owner. Caswell Cove Marina reserves the right to request the removal of any vessel that endangers marina facilities or adjacent vessels, is in danger of sinking, is a fire hazard, or that is found to be leaking oil, fuel or chemicals into the water. Any costs incurred by Caswell Cove Marina as a result of damages to the marina, or due to oil, fuel or chemical spills, or to prevent sinking of a vessel or to salvage any sunken vessel, shall be the responsibility of the vessel owner to pay.

    18. Pump-Out Facilities: A marine pump-out facility is located on the pump-out dock and is restricted to use by Caswell Cove Marina vessel owners only. Do not leave vessels unattended at the pump-out. Vessels should be removed from the pump-out dock immediately on completion of pumping out.

    19. Tenders/Dinghys: Only one (1) tender may be moored in a slip together with one (1) primary vessel at any time. A tender may be considered one (1) dinghy or one (1) PWC, provided that the primary vessel and tender do not exceed the confines of the slip. Two (2) dinghies, two (2) PWCs, or any two (2) vessels which are not a primary vessel and tender are not permitted in one slip. Dinghy storage areas shall be designated by the Marina Manager and are to be used only for berthing of tenders (dinghy) which may include PWCs or small vessels not exceeding 5' in width or 15' in length. No dinghy or PWCs or any personal belongings may be stored on top of any docks. Floats for dinghies or PWCs that are not in use for a period of more than 60 days, or those in poor condition or not properly maintained, will be removed and disposed of.

    20. Storage of Personal Belongings: Docks and finger piers are to be kept clear of personal items at all times. Nothing may be stored, hung or placed on any of the docks or finger piers or hung or displayed on any of the power pedestals or pilings, including dinghies, motors, PWCs, fishing gear, chairs or any other personal belongings. All personal items shall be kept onboard the vessel or in a dock box. Hoses shall be stowed away or neatly hung on hose reels when not in use. Any items left on any of the docks or finger piers will be discarded.

    21. Dock Steps: Dock steps for gaining access to vessels are permitted. All dock steps shall be of fiberglass or plastic (polyethylene) construction. No "home-made" dock steps will be allowed. Dock steps may not exceed ½ the width of the finger pier and may not block access along the finger pier by other persons. All dock steps must be neat and orderly and maintained in good condition at all times. Dock steps not meeting the above requirements shall be removed and discarded.

    22. Dock Boxes: Each unit is entitled to one (1) dock box to be mounted along the docks. Dock boxes may not be stored on any of the finger piers. Dock boxes shall be fiberglass (white) or stainless steel and specifically designed for marine applications. No "home-made" dock boxes will be allowed. No "Tupperware" type dock boxes will be allowed. Dock boxes are limited to the following dimensions: 3 feet high (max); 6 feet in length (max); ratio of length x height may not exceed 12 SF. Dock boxes may not protrude onto the dock more than 24" nor may they overhang the edge of the dock by more than 4 inches. All dock boxes must be securely anchored to the dock. Locations and installations of dock boxes are to be approved by the Marina Manger.

    23. Dock Alterations: Nothing may be fastened to, or displayed on, any of the docks, fingers, power pedestals or pilings. No alterations, modifications or repairs of any type are to be made to docks, finger piers, power pedestals or pilings without the approval of the Marina Board and/or Marina Manager.

    24. Dock Wheels and Fenders: Dock wheels and fendering are allowed along the finger piers. Installations must be approved by the Marina Manager. Dock wheels and fendering may not impede access to any utilities, dock through-bolts, dock fasteners, etc.

    25. Electrical Connections: Each slip is provided with its own power, Do not connect shore power cords to any other power pedestal other than the one assigned to your slip. All electrical connections shall be made utilizing the properly sized marine-grade power cords and adaptors. Power supplies are to be turned off when not supplying power to a vessel or any time power is not being used.

    26. Fueling:Vessels (including dinghies or PWCs) may not be fueled at any of the slips at Caswell Cove Marina. Fuel cans may not be stored on any of the docks or finger piers. Do not store fuel cans inside of dock boxes, this creates the danger of a fire or explosion.

    27. Fires: Open fires, including the use of gas grills, are not permitted on any of the docks, on board boats secured in any of the slips or on any of the main docks or the walkways around the clubhouse.

    28. Trash and Waste Disposal: No refuse shall be disposed overboard. All refuse is to be properly disposed of in the trash dumpster in the parking lot. Oil, batteries, etc. are not to be placed in the dumpster and should be removed from the premises and disposed of properly. No sewage or sanitary waste shall be pumped overboard in the marina. Pump-out facilities are provided for removal of sewage at no charge to marina users. No person shall discharge oil, fuel, spirits or chemicals into the waters of Caswell Cove. Trash bins inside the clubhouse are for food and paper waste generated by clubhouse users only.

    29. ClubHouse Use: The clubhouse is available for use by vessel owners and guests (when accompanied by a unit owner or renter). The clubhouse may not be utilized for any private use, including private parties, business meetings, social events, and the like, except those as may be occasionally sponsored by the Association for the benefit of all members. No person may conduct any activities in the clubhouse, at any time, which infringes upon or restricts the rights of use and enjoyment of the clubhouse or any other marina facilities by any other person. Noisy parties, drunkenness, or rowdiness are prohibited. All children must be accompanied by and adult.


    I herein acknowledge receipt of these rules and by signature below understand that a violation of the rules and regulations will result in termination of the rental agreement and forfeiture of the rental fee.