Winter Storage Agreement Form

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    Slip No:

    1. Vessel Owner Information:

    Tenant Name:



    Home Phone:


    Emergency #:

    2. Vessel Information:



    Vessel Name:


    Registration/Documentation #:

    A copy of a current certificate of insurance for all vessels must be submitted to Caswell Cove Marina Association, Inc. Key FOBs will not be issued to renters until a certificate of insurance is provided. Caswell Cove Marina must be named as additionally insured on all certificates

    3. Agreement:

    The above referenced individual (tenant) agrees to rent the above referenced boat slip at Caswell Cove Marina for the winter storage period of:


    Enter start date (month/day/year):


    Enter end date (month/day/year):

    Boat Slip shall be occupied only by Tenant’s vessel listed above. Rental fees are Non-refundable. Tenant herein agrees to execute a seasonal rental agreement for the following summer season prior to the expiration of this winter storage period. Tenant herein acknowledges that he/she has been provided with a copy of the Winter Storage Rules of Caswell Cove Marina and that he/she shall abide by all the Rules and Regulations at all times. Caswell Cove Marina Association herein reserves the right to enforce the Rules and Regulations of Caswell Cove Marina. Tenant herein acknowledge that violations of the Rules and Regulations of Caswell Cove Marina will result in termination of this Agreement. If so requested by the Association due to a violation of the Rules and Regulations, Tenant shall promptly vacate the boat slip. There shall be no refund of the rental fee. Tenant agrees that if said vessel is not removed within 7 calendar of receipt of written notice, he/she shall allow Caswell Cove to act on tenant’s behalf and vessel shall be removed and Caswell Cove shall invoice tenant for costs of removal and all related costs.

    Signature of Vessel Owner:


    Winter Rental Fee:$

    Amount Credit to 2012 Summer Rental :$